Building a Data Backup Strategy in the Cloud

The latest WannaCry Ransomware attack brings to the forefront the need for a
data backup and business continuity plan. Keeping your data safe is vital to
the success of your business. You only have to be wrong once!

More than 40% of customers fail a disaster recovery test due to poor backups.   Request a Demo

Cloud Synergy helps you create a data protection strategy

IT environments are comprised of an assortment of critical and non-critical systems. An end-to-end data protection platform that aligns the right technology for each system can help you lower costs and simplify business continuity.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware is a growing threat to the security of our data, with damages costing billions each year. SynergyBackup keeps your files safe by scanning and not backing up files detected to be compromised by ransomware.

Unlimited Version History

Keep as many file versions as you need to meet your conitinuity objectives. There are no limits to the number of versions you can backup with SynergyBackup.

Strong Data Encryption

SynergyBackup gives you the ability to encrypt your files with strong AES-256 bit encryption. Encrypt your file names as well to ensure maximum privacy of your data.

Advanced Filtering

Use filtering to include or exclude certain file types. Avoid backing up files larger than a specified size, or backup files modified withing the past 5 days.

SynergyBackup is packed with many features that make building your data protection strategy simple and secure.   See More Features
DataShield Cloud

Backup and recovery in the cloud

SynergyBackup provides backup, migration and data protection solutions for just about any business need. With flexible deployment options and multi-platform support, SynergyBackup offers cloud and onsite data protection for all the servers, virtual machines, databases, desktops and laptops across your entire organization.

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